Fresh Sales for Tasty Profits

Totem Food Products offers distinctive Fresh Foods for a variety of menu needs and customer tastes.  Whether you are a grocery store, a convenience store, catered event, concession stand, or food service program in healthcare or education, we deliver freshly prepared products that turn into tasty profits for you.

Freshly Prepared

We take pride in offering our Totem Brand of fresh roasted nuts and freshly made sandwiches.  We prepare these products daily and provide them with a wide variety of tastes and order sizes.  Because we prepare these foods in-house, we offer uncompromising quality, best value, and excellent pricing.  Our efforts are recognized every day by food service professionals throughout western Washington.

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Sometimes there are unforeseen schedule and event changes.  Having a partner like Totem Food Products when ordering fresh items can save you from the embarrassment or expense of getting stuck with a rigid schedule after your venue changes size, place or time.

We control the manufacture and distribution of our Fresh Items.  If there is a last minute change, we are capable of making adjustments to order size, product mix, packaging, and scheduling requirements to meet your goals.

Made to Order Fresh!

Almost like a deli, we assemble fresh sandwiches that you can pre-order in many different combinations of meats, cheeses, and breads.  Whether you want a Hoagie bun with Turkey, Mayo and Cheddar or a Chicken Salad sandwich on Whole Wheat bread, we provide a wide variety of ingredients to choose from.

Fresh Roasted Nuts

Most everyone loves nuts. They are a healthy, protein-rich food and popular as a quick snack food.

Totem Food Products roasts and packages fresh nuts to fit any need – from convenience store retailing to catered events, or as a seasonal corporate gift.  Our custom ordering solution allows you to choose from a combination of blends, mixes, sizes, and containers.  Give us a call for specific details.

Quality Guaranteed

Our trained quality assurance specialists, proactive quality monitoring process and state-of-the-art equipment guarantees all Totem Food Service products conform to our stringent standards for food safety, sanitation, and consistency.